Become an Ambassador

Welcome to the Paw Addict brand ambassador program. By joining our program you'll have the opportunity to save abandoned pets, earn money for yourself, and also look great while promoting a pet rescue brand. It is completely free to sign up, all you'll need is a PayPal account so we can pay you the money you've earned! 

How it works.

1 - You sign up using the below form.

2 - We will review your application for approval.

3 - Check your email from Paw Addict and click on the link.

4 - On the drop down menu go to settings > Payment settings>enter your PayPal email.

5 - Go back to your affiliate dashboard.

6 - Copy and Promote your UNIQUE link to your friends/followers.

7 - When they make a purchase on your link you earn 20% commission! (So if they buy a shirt for $33.00 x .20 = $6.60 in earnings for you)

Here's what you could do -

If you don't already own a Paw Addict shirt or hoodie, you could buy one with the link. You'll get 20% back already! Wear it, and when your friends ask about it, text or email them your link. The more they buy, the more you'll make!

Share your Paw Addict clothing pics on your socials with your unique link. You'll make money while helping abandoned pets.