Slow and Reverse Aging, Rescue More Pets

Slow and Reverse Aging, Rescue More Pets

As the founder of Paw Addict, you know I love pets and want nothing more for them to all have loving homes. The problem is, there are too many pets that need to be rescued and only so many people willing to rescue them. Also as the current pool of rescuers get to old age, they are no longer able to care for a furry friend because of poor health. What if I could open your eyes to a longevity mindset? How about slowing your rate of aging, even reversing it? How about looking better and feeling better? I've done it and continue it daily, its fairly simple and basic, but it must be done consistently.

I'm 58 years old now and am in the best shape of my life because of what I'm doing with my health. People are commenting on what a healthy glow I have and my great physical shape. Debilitating ageing ailments started really hitting me a few years ago. My right knee gave out on me, and my neck vertebrae were crushing a nerve making my arm so painful I couldn't even sleep. I had aches and pains and low energy. I looked in the mirror and saw my age was really catching up with me, you know, the typical aging skin, the hair falling out, the squishy love handles...etc. I knew if I didn't start doing something right away, I was sliding down a slope into a pit of suffering.

Throughout my years I would say I've lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, active and what I thought was a good diet. But I found out I was wrong when I really started diving into the laws of nature and longevity. Yeah I guess I was living at a 1:1 ratio rate of aging, better than a lot of people, but at that rate I was hitting the health problem phase way to early in my opinion. I'm still young at heart and have a lot more things to do on this planet before being incapacitated rolling into expiration.

When I made a commitment to turn things around, the health magic started happening, there's no turning back now. I feel awesome to the point of euphoria every day, energetic and outright reborn. I realize for me to stay on track with a consistent health regiment, I need to keep it simple and I have to do it every day as a habit, a healthy habit. My mind is the captain of the ship, and as captain I need to know everything there is about health and longevity and apply that knowledge to get maximum results.

To get maximum results on health, the basics need to be optimized. Those are, diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, mindset and social interactions. Its not rocket science, but it is science. If we give our body the perfect blend of the things needed, we slow down our rate of aging, even reverse it some. Of course, if we do all the wrong things, we speed up our rate of aging, its very obvious. Brian Johnson is a pioneer in longevity, he's hardcore though, more so than anyone now. He has slowed his rate of aging to a ratio as low as .67:1, but most wouldn't do what he does, plus he spends about $2 million a year on what he does. Another pioneer in longevity is Dr. David Sinclair a Harvard professor. You may not agree with what they say, but its good gained knowledge to see what they are doing so you can better understand the basics, there's plenty of free info on them online, Youtube, Spotify, etc. Based on results, my guesstimate on my rate of aging now is about .8:1 with a metabolic age somewhere in the 40's. At this point I haven't had my blood scanned for rate of aging or metabolic age, I'm waiting til I hit 60, which is not too long from now. The test is pretty accurate, it costs about $500, I'm seeing if I can further tweak my health before I take the test.

So how did I start on this road of longevity wellness? How do you start? I started out small. As in anything, baby steps add up, and they can eventually lead to big progress. For me, the first thing I did is, I wrote out an exercise plan. PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR CURRENT STATE, YOUR BODY COULD BE INJURED OR YOU COULD DIE. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY NEW EXERCISE PROGRAM. I wrote out some exercises I wanted to do at home. I didn't want to go to a gym because its a hassle for me to get there. I knew I wanted to do it every day, so at home would be easier to keep up the habit. The exercises I wrote out to start were sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and 45 degree foot supported pull-ups. I chose the number 13 for the number of reps for each exercise. My goal was to add one rep per day til I hit 50 reps per exercise. I was able to achieve my goal of 50 reps in the time frame I gave myself. It was very rewarding. Also I was trail hiking everyday with my dog, although this was not an added exercise. Longevity health is really helped if you can get a short burst of heavy exercise like being chased by a lion everyday. I am able to do this with my routine. It is important to start off slow so you don't hurt yourself, you could even have a heart attack if you're not careful. I started off slow, modified and added on to my exercise program over the few years since I started. It is fairly simple to adhere to because my body adapted to it. Also I alternate days on intensity with some exercises to give my arms or legs a break being careful not to over do it. Your body will tell you. Some exercises I do absolutely every day. I'm a hard body now, not a jacked muscle man, but more like a fit athletic body with endurance. Going higher reps definitely helps with endurance, I'm more concerned about performance than show.

With a longevity targeting mindset I started hitting my diet. Thru a series of incremental steps I decreased my exposure to health robbing foods. I was never really into sweets, but I was still getting a sizable amount of sugar. My beloved pasta sauce had added sugar. I switched to a brand with no sugar. I switched from wheat pasta to chick pea pasta, which was actually better in my opinion. For the most part I don't eat pasta anymore, I was previously eating it at least twice a week, it was eliminated with my incremental steps pushing towards other foods. Processed foods of all types got chopped off my menu. I cut back on my bread, my beloved sourdough and sandwiches. Eventually I stopped eating them entirely as I was cutting back on carbs. Carbs turn into glucose, and that basically turns into sugar. Sugar is very bad for health and aging, it should be avoided as much as possible. As far as aesthetics goes, sugar really ages the skin, the largest organ of our body. Of course I eliminated deep fried foods too, we all know that's bad. Eventually I got to eating just one ingredient whole foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, lean meat and a little bit of dairy. I try to get organic as much as possible. My eating format is mostly a Mediterranean Diet, mostly plant based with some animal protein. Lastly I cut back on the times I would eat. I don't eat lunch anymore, just breakfast and dinner. When I eliminated lunch, I eliminated my afternoon burnout crash. Now I'm full of energy throughout the day. I don't snack anymore, just breakfast and dinner with only water and coffee in between. A simple diet that keeps my system running clean. On Sundays I only eat breakfast and don't eat again til Mondays breakfast, its a 24 hr fast. I found its easy for me to skip one dinner, but I had to work my way up to that point by skipping lunch every day. Why skip meals you ask? Breaks in eating and incorporating some fasting really helps with longevity. In short, it awakens the body system defenses. When we eat to much, the body defenses get lazy and don't do what they need to do, they think everything is fine, there's plenty of food. Aging increases as the body defenses get weaker. As a society we are eating way to much and paying the price with bad health. The overweight and obese numbers are staggering these days, people are very unhealthy. But we have a choice.

Supplements are important when you're on a longevity targeted health regiment. Naturally it is good to get everything you can from the foods you eat, but if you want to elevate your fine tuning, supplements really give your body a boost. The supplements I take were incrementally adjusted as my longevity knowledge increased. At this time I'm on 17 different supplements, I'm counting my multivitamin as one, for a total of 33 pills, I space them out 3 times a day and some I take twice a day. It is important to get good knowledge on the supplements you're taking for general health and longevity. The quality and dosages are important to be effective and not do harm. Know why you're taking them. One good site you can get good general search data on supplements is , you'll learn about the supplement compounds, benefits and possible areas of caution. Some supplements address multiple areas of the body. For example I take multiple supplements that address joints, but also help skin, because they are both made of collagen. I think most of the supplements I take target multiple areas of the body, its all an interconnected ecosystem. Vitamin D from the sun is important, but excessive sun exposure should be limited because it effects aging, and not just with skin. I do take a vitamin D supplement.

Good sleep is one area that is very important to keep our rate of aging optimal. Eight hours is a good amount of sleep time, less than 7 hours, then you're at a disadvantage for longevity. Sleep must be quality sleep, deep, not tossing and turning, waking up glancing at your phone. I fall asleep pretty quickly when I'm doing things right, going to bed at the same time every night. Alcohol definitely messes good sleep up, I think we all know that. I can drink coffee fairly late in the day and still get a good night sleep, but a lot of people can't do that. The fact that I get a good workout in everyday certainly helps, it burns off some energy that might have me tossing and turning in bed. Of course a nice comfortable bed and pillow always works well with a good nights sleep. If you have a sleeping partner you share a bed with, hopefully you have an arrangement where you can both sleep well throughout the night. The worst thing for a bad nights sleep is a bothered mind, no matter what, if we can't shut off our brain from pondering bad thoughts, we won't be able to sleep well. Meditation can help ease the mind and clear unnecessary bad thoughts. I have somewhat of a meditation everyday after my workout, I hang upside down on an inversion table for 15 minutes. Its calming and I've found my body thrives on it. CAUTION : INVERSION TABLES CAN BE HAZARDOUS, CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO SEE IF ITS SAFE FOR YOUR BODY CONDITION.

Having a good mindset is important to keep at a good rate of aging. A positive mind is very important for good health, you can destroy your health with a negative mind. We can give ourselves ulcers and headaches with a negative mind, and we can do much worse harm than that if there's long term negativity. Connecting with a good mindset is having good social interactions. The longest lifespan areas of the world, the Blue Zones, have good social structures within the communities. People gather and interact, work together, eat together, have fun, party together and generally enjoy being around each other. A life of solitude and loneliness is not good for health and longevity. Having a sense of purpose is important for longevity health, its what drives us to keep moving.

My goal is to help others with the knowledge and techniques I've learned of health longevity, age slowing and age reversing. To live the later decades of our lives suffering is no way to live, we can prevent it. We can extend lifespan and health quality thru our targeted actions. I've climbed the mountain and can show you the way, its not really that hard, each step will get you closer to the top in health. This is powerful life quality and life saving knowledge. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter and check out my Youtube videos. I'll be breaking down everything into detail to help you better understand what I've done to push myself into the best possible trajectory of minimal aging. Any further improvements I make will be shared also. If you apply longevity knowledge, you will extend your life quality, and one of the great benefits of that is you'll be able to rescue more pets. That would be awesome, lets do this!




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