Rescuing Scout

Rescuing Scout

A 12 week old little girl pup wandered up onto a business in Texas. She was hungry, thirsty, and super skinny with rib cage showing. She was just living her baby life on the streets in this hot weather. Hard to say how many people just walked past her and looked away.

The finders weren't able to keep her due to dealing with some pretty hard times. They were kind people. Luckily they took the time to get her into the rescue system so she could get some help. The rescue organization got her a vet checkup and everything she needed for the initial health rehab. With nice healthy meals she was able to gain back her proper weight needed as a growing puppy. They named her Brisket.

With some transfers she made it all the way north to Rhode Island to One Dog At A Time Rescue. At 18 pounds, she was still a young pup. Brittnay who runs our Newport store got word of her and agreed to foster her along with her other two dogs as playmates. She brought her to work at the Paw Addict store while she ran the register and greeted customers. Brisket would greet customers and meet the dogs that came into the store. Our store is an excellent place to find potential adopters, with us being a pet-themed business. Brittnay has done well with fostering some other dogs at our store.

Brisket adjusted well at her foster home playing with the other two dogs and having fun like a puppy should. It didn't take long for Brittnay to find Brisket a perfect loving family with an excellent environment for a dog to thrive. They changed her name to Scout. She now weighs 55 pounds, and is a very pretty dog that has grown up so nicely.

Brittnay kept in touch with Scouts new parents that live close by so the dogs can have play dates. Brittnay was able to take in Scout for a weekend to babysit her while her parents went on a quick getaway. She brought Scout back to the store to work for a day. She's got the lovey-dovey eyes for one of our regular customer dog, a big boy named Kona. I think it's love.


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