Old Dog Death Trap

Old Dog Death Trap


I went to visit a friend recently. He told me of a very sad thing that happened to his old Mini Doberman Pinscher. I've always seen him with his dog as copilot in his truck or at his work when I met with him at his furniture business. This particular day, as any day prior he was backing out of his garage with his truck where his dog would wait for him to get lifted into the passenger seat. Things went bad this day as he felt the tire run over his little friend. He got out and saw the horror, his faithful companion of many years died in his arms.

Back when I was very young, I remember my grandfather telling me he backed over his old beagle sleeping in the driveway with his car. His dog was tragically killed. It something I felt very bad about and never forgot.

At this time, my Shepherd mix is nearly 15 years old, moves slow and goes thru a lot of effort to get up from a laying position. He also sleeps very deep, hearing is not what it used to be. Our household has to be very much attentive to his senior needs. So with the driveway hazard in mind, we have to always know where he is when moving vehicles in the driveway. He is too trusting of the autos to stop for him. If he fell, it would take a bit of time to get back up again. I think we've all heard on the news of small kids getting run over by cars in their driveway, same thing.

It is important to always know of things you may hit in your driveway. Soo many of us have many things running thru our minds and we tend to rush around. We must know that our furry friend could be in danger from our actions if we don't know where they are, ALWAYS KNOW.


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