Using CBD for my dog & results

Using CBD for my dog & results


My dog is just hitting 13 years old.  He's a shepherd mix with both hind legs having TPLO surgery with metal plates.  The left leg at 7 years old, the right at 11 years.  At the time of surgery, the left leg had a meniscus tear and they were able to keep it in, the right meniscus was too badly damaged and they had to remove it.  So at 13 years he's still in good shape for his age, but noticing stiffness with trouble sitting and getting up.  He's been running at more like a trot than a proper gate.  We take him hiking on the the trails every day, which he loves.

I ran into a dog and guy walking on the trail, his dog is also 13 years old.  He mentioned his dog was using CBD.  He told me she was not really wanting to go for walks.   He started giving her CBD, then she was was able to enjoy walks again without pain.  I said I heard about CBD from my human friend who was having leg pain, he tried it without having any results.  We figured he bought some low quality CBD.  The trail guy said he used a brand called CBDmd, their pet division is PawCBD, website is -

A few days later I was at our garment printer shop and was talking to the shop foreman about dog CBD.  He said his brother uses it for their dog and it works great.  So now I'm thinking its definitely something I want to try on my dog.

Before hitting the CBD regiment I wanted to get my dog checked out by the vet so I knew exactly what was going on with his stiffness and pain.  So after x-rays and a full checkup, he was found to have mild hip dysplasia and arthritis, typical for an older dog.  The vet recommended an anti inflammatory and pain meds.  I told them I was opting for a more natural route of CBD instead of synthetic drugs with side effects.

So I ordered from the 1500 mg natural flavor CBD oil tincture for my 70 pound dog.  I give him a daily dose which is 1 ml split into two, half in morning, half at night.  At first he picked out the kibble I sprinkled the CBD on, he knew I was up to something.  So now I just put it on a tasty treat or a small piece of bread or something he especially likes.  I just put in another order and opted for the peanut butter flavor, maybe he'll like that flavor better.

Here's the good news, he showed great results immediately.  He's sitting and getting up with more ease, and hiking with less stiffness.  We're only a few weeks into CBD use, but I'm totally sold on the idea.

So the next step is to get him on joint supplements.  The vet recommended glucosamine and chondroitin.  Some brands have quality issues so they recommended Coesequin with msn, Dasuquin with msn, and Glycoflex.

So keeping your older furry friend enjoying life is now possible with CDB.  I'm so happy I found the benefits of CBD for my dog.  I'm also thinking CBD may benefit my human self when I hit the old geezer stage.




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