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10 Fun Facts About Dogs


We already know that dogs are extremely loyal, smart, fun to be around and so darn cute. But did you know these cool things about them? 1- Theoretically, a female dog and her offspring can produce almost 67,000 puppies in a span of six years. The average litter size is about 5-7 puppies depending on the size of the breed and age of the mother. 2- Dogs can learn and understand up to 250 words according to dog psychologists. 3…

How to Keep Your House Fur Free-ish


We love our pets, but how much do we love the fur they leave behind? For some lucky people out there, their cats and dogs don’t shed much so the vacuuming, grooming, cleaning and regular dusting may suffice. But for those with some serious fur issues, here are some tips that may help.

Every little bit helps


With the huge numbers of pets in need, we do our best to direct our donations where they are needed the most and will be used efficiently. Even small donations can make a difference when you combine all the people that are able to help. Here is a thank you letter from a recent Texas hurricane fund raiser. Big thanks to all that help, they need us.

All dogs welcome, and some humans.


Here’s a window sign at our store, as most pet lovers can relate.

Our store in the heart of Newport


The Paw Addict store in Newport is a fun stop.  

After a long day at the print shop.


After a long day wraps up, its nice to have a cold one with the screen printers. The guys in the print shop are masters of their craft and really an important part of Paw Addict.

New Paw Addict store construction.


We just landed a new store location in Newport Rhode island on Thames Street. This location and store layout is much better than our last one. Construction and re-fitting a former restaurant will take a 4-5 months, so that’s when we’ll reopen. We’re really looking forward to a fresh new place.

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